Cotential is a global consulting firm that transforms the way companies work.

Reduce Complexity. Drive Silo-Breaking Collaboration Initiatives. Instill a Culture People Love.

The modern workplace has become excessively complicated and we pay the price with unnecessary emails, phone calls and meetings. Organizations are stronger with cross functional teams, yet they deal with massive constraints, leading to endless dysfunction and delays. Cotential identifies and removes complexity to turbocharge an intrapreneurial culture and reduces the time and friction of cross-team collaboration to deliver new and untapped revenue generation and innovation.

We are the "modern day Six Sigma of Collaboration." We do this through Connectional Intelligence keynotes, assessments, training and certification programs.

Our Clients

"Erica’s presentation was absolutely perfect for our leaders. Our group was diverse and Erica was a hit with everyone!”

George Chavel, Chairman & CEO Emeritus of Sodexo

"Our executives thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and facilitated discussion. Not only did our executives appreciate the specific examples and research-based insights, but they valued your pragmatic and results-focused approach."

Ana Dutra, President of Executives Club of Chicago

"Erica connects with the audience from the opening minute. Thank you for exposing us to the power of connectional intelligence."

Nancy Vitale, Chief Human Resources Officer of Genentech

Services: Connectional Intelligence


Measure collaboration of individuals, teams and across business units. Reduce turnover & increase productivity by engaging the right people, developing talent and evaluating collaboration potential.

Training and Certification

Learn to reduce complexity, improve silo breaking collaboration and implement high performance hacks. Sessions customized for executives, teams and talent development programs.

Company Wide Assessments

We identify, quantify, and replicate high performing collaboration behaviors across your company through Connectional Intelligence - the Six Sigma of Collaboration.


Our keynote speeches and interactive presentations help audience members reduce complexity, become masters of connectional intelligence, become silo breaking collaborators, and prepare the future global competitiveness.

Learn About Connectional Intelligence

Named #1 on What Corporate America’s Reading in 2015

See Erica Dhawan, the world’s leading authority on Connectional Intelligence, in action.


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