Just as gamechanging as emotional intelligence was in the 90s, Connectional Intelligence (CxQ) is the modern leadership skillset to strategically maximize collaboration and networks.

CxQ assessments measure the CxQ scores of leaders, managers, teams, business units and entire organizations. CxQ assessments help identify gaps and challenges in effectively connecting with networks allowing for creation of solutions that lead to powerful results and breakthrough performance.

Individual Connectional Intelligence Assessments

A brief assessment measuring an individual’s Connectional Intelligence with real-time results in your email.

Team Assessments

Individual Connectional Intelligence Assessments are taken by each team member. Reports analyzing trends, strengths and opportunities are provided to the team.

Multi-Rater Assessments

Multi-rater (360-degree) CxQ Assessments provide employees with valuable insights into their professional strengths and opportunity areas by soliciting feedback from people who work with them regularly.

Company Wide Assessments

By cross analyzing email, messenger and calendar data with surveys, Cotential uncovers an organization’s digital body language. The story of connectivity and collaboration within your workforce is unfolded and the impact on business imperatives is analyzed and leveraged to increase revenue and reduce costs. By combining this data with data science, we are able to tie collaboration to performance reviews, measure the impact of your business initiatives and optimize workforce productivity.