Participants will understand their own Connectional Intelligence, craft a personalized connection map, and create a plan to use Connectional Intelligence to achieve their business goals. This training is developed specifically for business leaders who believe that the power of human connection can transform business and is customized and tailored to the business and its unique challenges.

Our 3 hour workshops include

  • An Introduction to Connectional Intelligence
  • The 5 C’s of Connectional Intelligence with Case Studies
  • Connectional Intelligence Self-Assessment
  • Determine Your Connectional Intelligence Archetype
  • How Best to Leverage Your Archetype
  • Connection Mapping Analysis
  • Develop a Personal and Team Game Plan

Our 6 hour workshops include

  • The content of the 3 hour workshop
  • Experiment ideation
  • Experiment design

Our multi-day workshops

  • Two day offsite programs are available and customizable to help teams delve deeper into leveraging Connectional Intelligence to achieve the organization’s goals.