The Value of Networks at Social Media Week

Social Media WeekThe Value of Networks at Social Media Week

Cotential is excited to be participating in the global Social Media Week on February 18, 2014 in New York.  Cotential will be participating in the conference by running an interactive keynote panel that will challenge the traditional ways people think about the value of networks. 

The Value of Networks: Connectional Intelligence for Businesses, Brands, and Executives

More than 20 years after the advent of the Internet, it’s not news that we’re all connected. The question is: How do you and I get behind this newfound connectivity in ways that are targeted, that are un-serendipitous, and that get us to the places we want to go? In a time where old-fashioned routes to power – the schools you went to, the contacts in your address book, the families you were born into – are no longer the only ways to get ahead, when almost everyone has at least the capacity to link up with people, power, ideas, information, and faraway resources, how do we connect intelligently, e.g. better, faster, more efficiently, while at the same time influencing the greatest number of people? Until now, no one has cracked the code of how we can all go big with our passions, interests, initiatives, innovations, and outrages. That’s where Connectional Intelligence comes in.

In this intense and high-impact 75 minutes of content, a set of leading C-level executives across media, technology, academia, and entrepreneurship will share how to harness connectional intelligence to drive leading breakthroughs in business and life. Core questions will include:

– How do you drive massive breakthroughs out of connection?
– How can you harness collaboration from a transformation business angle?
– How do you enable bottom-up innovation breakthroughs differently among individuals, teams, and crowds?
– What are the principles of engineering serendipity and creating open ecosystems between employees, customers, and suppliers?

Learning Objectives:
– Understand the resources every network and relationship brings to the workplace
– Decode the connectional capacity of your teams and use that knowledge to significantly improve innovation
– Transform workforce conflicts into growth points
– Create processes designed to maximize the ability to connect people, ideas, and resources for breakthrough results

Come join us in New York. It is sure to be a fantastic event. Learn more here. 

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